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 Stuff for RLFM Expanded

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PostSubject: Stuff for RLFM Expanded   Stuff for RLFM Expanded I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 3:08 pm

It must be noted that RLFM Expanded is currently planned for Starcraft II, which will have a more powerful editing tool that may make possible new things that could change or make obsolete the features planned for RLFM Expanded.

Things that my brother and I had originally planned for RLFM Expanded:
  • FURNITURE: One of our more ambitious features, numerous buildings and doodads would be available as decorative (or even partly functional) household items with which players could fill their homes. We actually prototyped this system in Warcraft III and ended up with over 300 furniture pieces.
  • LIFE QUESTS: Sidequest-type storylines with Non-Player Characters that could be undertaken by individual players. Some ideas: "funding" a poor hooker and helping her rise from streetwalker to porn star queen; uniting star-crossed lovers from rival gangs; adopting an abandoned puppy.
  • SAVE CODE: Retain furniture, life quest progress, and more between game sessions.
  • VOTING: Vote on various government issues that will affect the world you play in. Initiatives include: funding for the police department; funding for education; gay marriage; legalizing various vices; preserving natural resources.

New features that have been brainstormed since:
  • NUTRITION: In addition to an expanded cookbook and cooking system, food bestows special benefits for sticking to specific diets.
  • ???
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Stuff for RLFM Expanded
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